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Battery based with Generator Backup


Battery-Based home power system with Generator 

Though this is not my first choice as we would like to see us all starting to use solar and other renewable energy in our lives, some feel they can’t afford the extra money on the front end of the home installation. In this way you can get started living and building your off-grid home without having to run a generator full time. This system operates pretty much the same as a solar stand alone system in December when the sun shines less that an hour a day on average in this region. Imagine your 5 kW generator is running and you are only using 1200 watts for lights and refrigerator. The other 3800 watts of electricity can be stored in the batteries for use between generator runs. In this system you would see a reduction of generator run time down to three or four hours a day for power coming potentially from your batteries through the inverter 24 hours a day.

There are many options for Auto Generator Starts, quiet hours, and automatic generator run times. See Solar Electric Stand Alone for more details. All products we install are CSA  and listed UL 1741.


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