The steps involved getting into a solar electric energy system with Oso Solar.

Over the phone feasibility analysis, site visit and complete estimate, decision making on size and hardware order, installation, permitting and utility authorizing culminating in flipping the breaker and commissioning the system.

  1. Make contact with Oso Solar on the phone or by email. The phone is best so we can discuss the feasibility of your location, the size of the system and we can give you an idea of the cost to know if a solar electric system will fit within your budget, this phone consultation is free.
  2. The second step is a site visit. Finding optimal module locations, methods for attaching them, and have a look at the existing electrical system. We also help you think about other energy-saving options you might pursue. After the visit, we will generate an estimate both for potential energy harvest and for the cost and send that to you. For the site visit and estimate, there is usually a charge for our time and travel. This amount is credited if you decide to have us install your system.
  3. From the solar electric system estimate, we have given you a starting point for deciding on the size and maybe hardware. When we know what the system configuration is, we can then complete the net metering agreement with the utility. We will invoice for a deposit in the amount of 50% and order the needed hardware if not in stock. This can take several days or several weeks. Global supply chains are prone to challenges.
  4. Installation and electrical connections usually take several days, to several weeks if we have to order more parts. Retrofitting work can have unforeseen challenges.
  5. Grid-Tied or Off-Grid:
    • Grid-Tied – The electrical permit is filed and often the system is inspected by BC Technical Safety. When approved, that document is forwarded to the utility and they authorize the connection and change the billing statement to show the solar “Outflow” past the meter.  We return to your home/business and commission the system.
    • Off-grid – After the system is complete, the electrician files permit and we initialize the system. An electrical inspection may occur.