Natural Resources Canada as of May 2021 announced a “Greener Homes Program” with the objective of improving home energy efficiency. Grants are available for making energy saving and in the case of solar PV/solar electric, energy producing additions to homes. Specifically up to $5000 for the energy retrofits and $600 to cover most of the cost of the home energy auditing and reporting. More specifically for solar PV, home owners can receive grants of $1/ watt of installed solar up to 5000watts. This is between 30-50% of the cost of a grid connected 5 kW solar power system.

In 2022 NRCan dove tailed these grant opportunities with interest free, 10 year loans up to $40,000. You start making payments while your solar starts saving you that money. Hurry, programs like these are to good to be true!

Use this link to read more about the program and to apply:

In the RDCK please. Follow this link:

-The process to access grant funds begins with applying well in advance for an energy audit.

– If you are sure you would like to pursue a solar electric system, get a feasibility evaluation before the audit day! Not are properties are a good fit for solar.

– If solar PV is feasible, then to secure the grant after you do the solar installation.

A few quick points for getting the NR Can grant:

The home has to belong to the applicant.

The home has to be at least 6 months since constructed.

You have to get the energy audit first, then get the retrofits done, then get the energy auditor back for a recheck to confirm the retrofits were done, and the auditor processes the grant application.

As soon as the solar is installed and passes electrical inspection you can start harvesting the sun while you await the grant to be processed.